Rhythm Snowflake Pearl 4MJ440WU03

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  • On the hour, 18 superior quality melodies (including 6 hymns) will play on the hour for your enjoyment
  • The continuously swinging pendulum is adorned with 6 genuine Swarovski crystals
  • With golden bells on top and a special artful touch, this clock makes a perfect wedding or anniversary gift
  • Dimensions: 17” high x 14” wide and 3.15” deep

The elegance of the new Snowflake Pearl makes it a great gift for a wedding or an anniversary. The golden bells on top add a special touch to the artful design of columns and mirrors below. The comforting swing of the crystal pendulum sparkles against the backdrop. Add to this, 30 superior quality melodies (with 6 Hymns) that play on the hour and you truly have a beautiful clock. Clock is battery quartz operated and batteries are included


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