Rhythm Chateau 4MH865WD23

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  • Enjoy this unique timepiece that showcases a continuously swinging pendulum at the bottom adorn with four Swarovski crystals and a beautiful golden gated kingdom
  • This uniqThis unique timepiece also features a larger pendulum that rocks continuously behind the clock face showcasing its consistent motion
  • Along with the continuously swinging pendulum at the bottom and behind the face, on the hour this clock also coordinates its movement with a selection of one of 30 melodies including 12 popular melodies, 12 classic melodies and 6 Christmas songs
  • Optional volume control, On/Off switch and display button lets you silence your clock on demand, while it still keeps perfect time
  • Clock measures 17.7” high by 13.6” wide by 3.3” deep and operates on four D batteries that are included to help keep the clocks precision Quartz movement

The Chateau offers a classic look with a faux burl wood frame. The centerpiece of the Chateau is the multi-movement swinging pendulum. The ‘weight’ of the pendulum that holds 4 Swarovski Crystals swings one way, while the designs on the top and sides swing in the opposite direction. Plays one of 30 melodies on the hour. The style and beauty of this timepiece has driven it to be one of our best selling models. Clock is battery quartz operated and batteries are included.

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