Who are you? Tell me about your company. 

We are Times Ticking. We are primarily a watch/clock repair center based in Layton, Utah, however, we also have retail stores and are an authorized dealer for Rhythm Magic Clocks. The Magic Clocks have been the most popular item we’ve ever sold! 

Do you have a high Google review rating?

Yes, Times Ticking has a 4.9/5 star Google review rating on over 900 reviews! We have worked hard for our rating and we really appreciate all the support our customers have given us. You can see our rating, if you’re interested, by looking at our Google map location here and clicking on one of our two store locations. When you click a store location our rating will popup. 

Do people love these clocks?

Yes! We guarantee it. These clocks have been our most important and popular product we’ve ever sold in our (retail) stores. We have two ‘brick and mortar’ retail stores. We’re confident this product will impress you. If, by chance, you’re not happy with your purchase we offer a 30 day return policy. To return, or exchange, your clock please contact us.

What do these Magic Clocks do that’s special?

At the top of the hour, on the hour, the magic clock will begin to move, and break apart or spin, while at the same time playing a random melody. Depending on the model, the clock may light up too. Once the melody has ended the clock will simultaneously stop moving and return to normal. The clock will continue to keep time during this entire process. This sequence is magical to watch!
*The clock has a night-time shut off function to not play melodies while you’re sleeping. 

Where are these clocks manufactured?

The Rhythm clock brand is the world’s largest clock manufacturer, based in Japan, and available in over 90 countries globally. You can learn more about the brand here, if interested.

How do I choose what songs the clock will play?

The clock will play a set of songs, typically, in a group of A, B and C. Each clock plays different sets of music depending on the model, however, group C is Christmas melodies. 

Can I turn the music off?

Yes. If you don’t want to hear the music, for some reason, there is a switch on the clock which can turn off the sound completely. The clock will continue to keep time properly while the sound is off.

Can I turn the sound off while I sleep?

There is a hidden sensor built into the dial of the clock which will determine when the lights have been turned off. While the clock is in the dark the sound will automatically turn off allowing you to sleep peacefully. 

The clock I’m interested in has crystals, what are they?

Many of the Magic Clocks have crystals built within. These are Swarovski crystals. Swarovski is a European crystal manufacturer that cuts their crystals to shape and reflect and shine bright, like a diamond. If you have your clock near a window where it can receive sunlight, with those crystals, the clock will light up your room! 

The clock I’m interested in has wood, is it real?

Many of the Rhythm Magic Clocks have wood around the outside bezel of the dial. Yes, this is real wood that’s been polished to have a beautiful finish applied. 

Can I change the music in the clock?

No, the music within the clocks is preset and manufactured to play only specific chosen songs.

Is there a way to demonstrate the clock for my friends?

Yes, there is a demonstration button, on the clock, to show people the clock start to move and play music. After the demonstration the clock will return to where it started. 

I Live Outside The United States. Can I order a clock? 

We are currently shipping to customers within the U.S.A. only including Hawaii and Alaska. 

Shipping And Security


Where are these clocks shipped from?

The clocks are shipped by the factory direct to customer, to the US market, from their US headquarters in Atlanta, GA. You can learn more about the brand here, if interested. 

I want a Magic Clock, how long until they ship? 

Once your order has been processed your information is passed to the factory and notified to ship. The factory, typically, will ship the next business day ground UPS service to your destination. 

What comes in the box and product packaging? 

Your new clock will arrive in a factory box and securely packaged and wrapped for protection. The box will also contain new batteries needed to start your clock.

Pricing And Policies


What Payment Method Do You Accept?

Our secure payments are processed through Paypal which accepts Paypal, if you have that, and all major credit cards including Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American Express.

What is the Magic Clock guarantee?

The guarantee is 30 days return/exchange and 1 year without any defects. Many of our customers have enjoyed their clock for more than a decade +, however, if there is an issue, after 30 days, the factory, In Atlanta, GA, will help you further, under warranty, up to 1 year and after warranty service is always available beyond that, if needed. 

How do I arrange to return or exchange my clock?
We will accept returns or exchanges within 30 days. We’re confident this product will impress you. If, by chance, you’re not happy with your purchase we offer a 30 day return policy. To return, or exchange, your clock please contact us 

I have a specific question, how may I contact you?

We’re available to help! If you need to discuss anything be sure to contact us.

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