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Rhythm Clocks have won Prestigious Awards

  • 1950 Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd. was established in Tokyo, Japan with one factory.  Manufactured alarm, table and music box clocks.
  • 1952 Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd. was awarded the M.I.T.I., the highest timepiece quality award by the Government of Japan.
  • 1958 Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd. was awarded the M.I.T.I. again.
  • 1963 Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd. was registered in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.  Developed first plastic parts used in quartz movements in Japan.
  • 1965 Developed and marketed automobile clocks.
  • 1972 Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd. took the number one position in the world for clock production.
  • 1976 Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd. developed the first Quartz Alarm clock movement in the world powered with a small battery.  Alarm clock design was selected the best in Japan.
  • 1982 Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd. was awarded the Deming Prize for company-wide quality control.  This is a worldwide competition.
  • 1989 Rhythm U.S.A. Inc. was incorporated in New York.
  • 1990 Rhywaco (H.K.) Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Hong Kong.
  • 1991 Rhythm U.S.A., moved to Atlanta, GA.
  • 1996 Korea Rhythm was incorporated in South Korea.
  • 2003 The head office of Rhythm Watch co., Ltd. was moved to Saitama, Japan.
  • 2005 Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd. acquired ISO9001, the internationally recognized quality standard.
  • 2014 Rhythm Watches introduced in the USA.